Press Releases

Launch of RP Aero Systems Digital Communications System

In response to demand for a customisable and flexible device for communications training, RP Aero Systems has developed a digital system that will allow training on up to 32 channels across all aircraft types.

Handsets may be mixed to facilitate installation in hybrid cabins.

All the necessary visual and audio features such as Area Call Panel (rainbow lights), text based Attendant Indicator Panel (AIP), zoned PA, chimes, and normal and emergency interphone calls with full priority hierarchy are available to emulate all types of usage.

The system is fully reconfigurable to accommodate any airlines customisation and may be remotely maintained and upgraded online. Configured as a single box solution, the equipment may be installed in new or existing trainers of any size, and may also be used stand-alone as a desktop suite in a permanent or temporary classroom application.

A350, A380 and B787 handsets have fully functional multi-level menus on the handset LCD providing complete visibility and interaction with the available functions. Handsets without LCD screens rely on key combinations for function selection.

Handsets are provided for the flight attendants. Flight crew can use headsets, hand mic or oxygen masks with PTT buttons as appropriate for aircraft type, the instructor station can be integrated into the system as required. Selectable malfunctions such as reduced audibility or channel failure may be useful for some scenarios. Full visibility of interphone traffic and the associated visual and audio output can be made available to the instructor, along with recording and playback facilities.

Initially available for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer aircraft, other types will follow.