Airbus A350 1L Door Trainer



Steel base frame.
Composite polyester foam core fuselage.
Advanced composite epoxy honeycomb core door.
Self coloured laminated partitions.
High fidelity self coloured interior trim.
Internal and external handles.
Slide pressure gauge.
Replicated Cabin Attendant Seat.
Functional FAP.
Deployable Girt Bar.
Removable Bustle
Miscellaneous Stowage.
Computerised digital closed loop servo-mechanism controlling both door hinge and handle control movement.
Software door model providing accurate forces to the servo mechanism to aid/oppose user input and produce realistic feel under all normal operating and malfunction conditions.
Self-calibrating mechanism.
CGI Animated internal Door Window Visuals
Touch-screen operator station.


Operating features:

Normal operation
EPAS operation

Failure modes:
Handle Jam Open
Handle Jam Closed
Hinge Jam
Increased Hinge Resistance
EPAS failure
Slide deployment failure
Fail locked indicator
Fail Gust Lock

Additional Standard Features:
Auto Close
Auto Open
Self Diagnostic
Data Logging

Optional Features:
OXY mask drops with auto retract
Enhanced sound system with ambient effects and pre-recorded announcements
Remote control
Cabin section with stowbins, out of the window visuals, PAX seats, OXY drops

Ex-stock UK in standard generic A350 specification
Can be modified to users colour scheme and fleet customisations.
Offered subject to prior sale.